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    Quidel Normal Human Serum Complement
    货号: A113
    规格:5.0 mL
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    Quidel Normal Human Complement 


     A112 / A113 


     Two sizes: 2.5 mL and 5.0 mL


    Frozen Liquid 


     At or below –70°C


     For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


     Normal human serum characterized for levels of complement activation fragments Human Serum Complement is intended for use expressly in experiments to assess levels of in vitro complement activation or complement cytotoxicity. It has been characterized in the Quidel Complement Activation Assays for levels of Bb, C4d, C3a, iC3b, and TCC as well as for total CH50.

    This product is intended for use in an experimental setting specifically for monitoring in vitro complement activation. It is therefore appropriate for use in biocompatibility experiments including drug development, biomaterials testing and other applications where the effects of complement need to be monitored. This product contains no EDTA.


    This product should be stored at or below –70°C. When needed, it should be thawed rapidly at 37°C and immediately placed on ice until use. Any remaining sera should be aliquotted into polypropylene tubes in a convenient volume and re-frozen at –70°C or below. Avoid repeated freeze thaw. Storage at temperatures warmer than –70°C is not recommended.


    Normal human serum complement is suitable for in vitro experiments relating to complement activation. It has been widely used in biomaterials research, pharmaceutical development and cytotoxicity assays. It is ideal for experiments and assays for which a high level of in vitro complement activity is necessary or a low level of complement activation fragments is required. 


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    3、Dall’Acqua, W.F., Cook, K.E., et al. Modulation of the Effector Functions of a Human IgG1 through Engineering of Its Hinge Region. J Immunol 177:1129-1138 (2006).

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